A new social residence with 18 beds opens in La Victoria (Tenerife)


The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, and the mayor of La Victoria, Juan Antonio García Abreu, presented this Thursday the new socio-sanitary residence opened in the municipality for the elderly, which has a total of 18 residential places.

The third vice president and councilor for Social Action, Marián Franquet, and the councilor for Social Welfare, Estefanía Fernández, among other island and municipal representatives, participated in the event.

Pedro Martin explained that this center is part of the investments made by the current island government “to respond to the lack of places for the elderly and dependent people” that existed on the island at the beginning of the mandate and in La Victoria “they had been demanding for a long time” a resource of these characteristics.

“There are few things more gratifying than presenting these facilities, not only because it is a place to care for elderly people, prioritizing that they can stay in their environment, close to their families, so that they can be visited by their friends,” he said. .

The president stressed that the implementation of this center is part of a broader social policy developed in recent years by the Cabildo de Tenerife to adapt social and health care to the specific needs of the island.

“We have launched coexistence centers for older people who retain their autonomy and we have created more than a thousand telecare places to connect those people who live alone, to give them the care they need without having to leave their home,” he said in a note from the corporation.

For his part, the mayor of La Victoria thanked the Cabildo and its president for “the support and work” carried out to be able to start up an installation that they had been waiting for “decades” and that opens the possibility that the older residents of the municipality ” have a place to live close to their town”.

In this context, Marián Franquet pointed out that when assigning the places in the new residence, several criteria will be taken into account, including rooting, to try to keep people close to their environment, always respecting the rigorous list order Standby.

He added that the new center in La Victoria “plays a double key role, such as combating the loneliness of the elderly and giving them a basic quality of life so that they can live the cycle of life in which they find themselves with dignity.” .


The residence comprises three floors. The ground floor is used for common services, such as the kitchen and laundry; in the next one there is a multipurpose room and a space for projections and on the upper floor are the rooms.

This new center is placed parallel to the day center, which adds up to a space of about 1,600 square meters.

The start-up of the new residence for the elderly is part of the collaboration agreement signed between the City Council of La Victoria, which was in charge of tendering and executing the project and assigning 793 square meters of land to execute it, and the Cabildo de Tenerife , which financed the works, charged to the Social and Health Infrastructure Plan.

This agreement also contemplates other socio-sanitary works in the municipality, such as the expansion and equipment of the Occupational Center of La Victoria and the reform and conditioning of the residence for people with disabilities in La Vera, which will be completed this year.

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