Adeje affirms that Cuna del Alma is not part of the Natura 2000 Network

Adeje affirms that Cuna del Alma is not part of the Natura 2000 Network – Tenerife Weekly News

The Adeje City Council has issued a statement on Monday in which it informs that the tourist project ‘Cuna del Alma’, located in the vicinity of the small port of Adeje, “has no impact” on the spaces of the Natura 2000 Network since the works “do not affect a single square meter” of the area included in this network.

The council points out that The European Commission has not received any information related to ‘Cradle of the Soul’, since this project does not affect any part of the Natura 2000 Network and highlights that in the hypothetical case that the tourist urbanization would affect the Natura Network –“circumstance that does not occur in this case”–, it would have to be the administration that would inform the European Commission about the compensatory measures to adopt “and in no case would it be the promoter or a political party.”

In his opinion, the question posed by a Podemos MEP to the European Commission is based on the “erroneous and intentional premise” that the project affects the Natura 2000 Network, “for the sole purpose of obtaining a ruling against the project, albeit on the wrong basis.”

Thus, it details that the response of the European Commission of January 18, 2023 “in no case has it been that the project could be breaching any regulations, it only recalls the current regulations and states that no communication has been received about any project in Tenerife“.

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