Candelaria Unveils Its Latest Collection of Municipal Water Service Vehicles

The Municipality of Candelariaand Aqualia, the company responsible for overseeing the water supply and sanitation services in the area, has officially introduced a portion of its new fleet of vehicles for the municipal water service. Four fully electric Toyota Proace vans, a Renault Kangoo van, and a hybrid Toyota Yaris were showcased by company representatives to the municipal council, led by Mayor Mari Brito, at the Basilica of Candelaria Square.

In the upcoming months, three Renault Kangoos will be added to the existing six vehicles. The total investment in these nine vehicles will exceed 300,000 euros. The mayor, along with the councillors of the concessionaire companies and public services, Airam Pérez and Jorge Baute, expressed their enthusiasm for these new acquisitions. One of the key advantages is their minimal environmental impact, which will help Candelaria significantly reduce its carbon footprint, preventing the emission of over 13 Tons of CO2 annually.

Production manager at Aqualia in Tenerife, Braulio Domínguez, highlighted that these vehicles are expected to improve the environment in terms of noise levels. The reduction in noise pollution will contribute to a more peaceful environment during operations. “Efficient resource management that also prioritises environmental conservation through sustainable technologies ensures top-notch service quality.”

During the event, the mayor and councillors bid farewell and expressed gratitude to Moisés García Mesa, the former head of service at Aqualia in the municipality, for his years of service. They also welcomed David Curbelo as his replacement. García and Curbelo were accompanied by Fran Blanco and Braulio Domínguez, director and production head at Aqualia, respectively.

Revitalisation for a Promising Future

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Dubai in December 2023, focused on tackling climate change by phasing out or reducing the use of fossil fuels. It emphasised the importance of moving away from fossil fuels and approved measures to fund the transition to renewable energies.

In light of this, Fran Blanco, director of Aqualia in the Canary Islands, emphasised that “amidst the climate emergency and decarbonisation efforts, Aqualia collaborates with governments, city councils like Candelaria, communities, and industrial entities as an expert to address water supply, sanitation, and purification challenges effectively. The company recognises the opportunities presented by this shift and offers its support and resources through strategic public-private partnerships.”

Aqualia is addressing the climate challenge through its Strategic Sustainability Plan, which includes energy management based on four primary objectives: calculating the individual carbon footprint by country to achieve emission neutrality, enhancing energy efficiency at facilities, utilising renewable energies, and upgrading the vehicle fleet.”

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