Completion of the Santa Cruz Spa Rehabilitation Project Expected by Year End

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a step closer to restoring one of its most remarkable and historic landmarks, the old Spa located on the San Andrés highway, near María Jiménez. The building is set to undergo a transformation into an Anaga health centre, catering to the entire area currently served by Casa del Mar.
The commencement of the renovation project for this iconic but dilapidated building is scheduled before the year’s end, as per an announcement by the mayor of the capital, José Manuel Bermúdez.
The councilor disclosed that he has recently dispatched a correspondence to the Minister of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, Esther Monzón, to keep her updated on the progress of the Spa rehabilitation project in recent months. The objective is to convert it into a health centre and relocate the current Casa del Mar, which, for reasons of location, parking, and accessibility, is deemed unsuitable,” he further explained.

Bermúdez expressed optimism, stating, “I anticipate that the project’s drafting will commence this year, following the unanimous approval by the plenary session of the Canary Islands Parliament of a Non-Law Proposal (PNL) that I submitted last November. The proposal urged the regional government, as the property owner, to ensure the revival of the Spa, this time as a health centre.”

In order to facilitate this endeavour, a budget allocation of 100,000 Euros has been earmarked in the regional budget. Consequently, “I am hopeful that this commitment will materialise soon,” he concluded.

Tenerife Weekly News