Local Shops on Rambla de Pulido Closed Off for Renovation of Two Buildings

Shop owners along Rambla de Pulido in the capital of Tenerife are expressing their frustration over the ongoing renovation works on two buildings in the area, specifically at house numbers 26 and 28 on the mentioned street. The renovation project began a few months ago to transform these old buildings into private apartments, comprising six and thirty homes, respectively.
The renovation works have necessitated shoring up the building facades, which must be maintained during the rehabilitation process. As a result, a large section of the sidewalk has been fenced off, blocking access to the businesses and hindering pedestrian traffic. Affected parties have reported that pedestrians now need to detour to a street frequented by vehicles in order to cross to the other side.
Affected business owners have explained that “due to the renovation works and facades shored up, a part of the pedestrian path along Rambla de Pulido has been closed off, particularly up to the corner of Álvarez de Lugo street. This situation has forced the businesses to reduce their activities as customers are unable to access the blocked entrance due to the external fencing.”
Various shops such as jewellery stores, mobile phone outlets, home decor stores, and financial institutions are impacted, along with other adjacent buildings where residents are also facing difficulties entering their homes.
Miguelina, the proprietor of Cristi jewellery store at number 30 Rambla de Pulido, stated that “we are not against the renovation, as these buildings were abandoned for many years and were a source of litter and occupied by squatters. We simply request the Santa Cruz City Council and the construction company to find an alternative that allows people to walk through the sidewalk.”
She further mentioned that “City Hall officials recently visited the site to inspect the works and we raised our concerns about the fencing. However, no action has been taken so far.”
In response, the head of the municipal Urban Planning Management, Zaida González, emphasized that a private company was granted a construction permit for the renovation project and a designated pedestrian route has been established and signposted to facilitate pedestrian movement.
The councilor acknowledged the inconvenience caused to neighbours and shop owners by the construction works, stating, “we cannot compromise the safety of the sidewalk by removing the protective measures, as it could pose a more serious safety hazard.”
Therefore, it was stressed that “both the construction company and the City Council are obliged to comply with safety regulations for construction works, including the designated pedestrian path which must be strictly followed.”

Tenerife Weekly News