“The admission of the resource by the TS on the pool is great news”

The secretary of Municipal Policy of the PSOE of Candelaria and current councilor for Finance and Concessionary Companies, Airam Pérez Chinea, regrets that the candidate of United Sí Podemos, Lourdes Mondéjar, is unaware of the judicial procedures and tries to confuse the public regarding the file of the indoor pool.

It points out, first of all, with regard to the contest started in 2015, that it was finally void, after a judicial process of more than four years. “The company that initially won the contest appealed in the first instance to the courts, which agreed with the Consistory, an order that was appealed again by the company and the City Council was ordered to partially pay compensation requested by the appellant company, although in less than the amount requested, in any case less than the 300,000 euros that United Sí Podemos talks about,” he said. “From the Consistory, they appealed again and the Supreme Court admitted the appeal presented, which is not simple, and which opens the possibility that the partial estimate that could be favorable to the interests of the City Council, since it will review the sentence , which is good news for the Consistory”, says Pérez Chinea.

“Secondly -continues the councillor-, several months ago the City Council began a new procedure to build the indoor swimming pool in the Rambla de Los Menceyes, winning the drafting of the project for an amount of 159,430 euros, which is in delivery terms In addition, several meetings were held between the drafting team and municipal technicians to continue advancing on the project.

“If something is clear to the candelarieros socialists with these statements by the United Sí Podemos candidate, it is her zero involvement and knowledge of the municipal reality,” points out Pérez, who encourages Lourdes Mondéjar to rigorously interpret judicial procedures before venturing to make statements from complete ignorance and that the only thing he seeks is to misrepresent reality.

In this regard, Airam Pérez Chinea invites the public to verify these facts in the newspaper archive of the municipal plenary sessions, which Sí se Puede has attended and participated in.

Tenerife Weekly News