The Impact on Traffic Flow due to Triathlon Event in Tenerife

Upcoming Sunday, as the Ocean lava TriSantaCruz Tenerife triathlon event unfolds, certain measures are being implemented that will have repercussions on both road circulation and parking along the coastline of the capital municipality. This sporting challenge, involving swimming, cycling, and running disciplines, requires an increased police presence and alterations in traffic flow.

The swimming leg of the triathlon will take place in the port area, with transitions occurring at the North Pier region, formerly known as the old Jet Foil station. The cycling course will involve multiple laps according to the specific discipline and will stretch from that location towards the San Andrés highway, reaching the vicinity of the old Oceanográfico; before looping back towards the city centre, with a turnaround point near the revamped San Carlos barracks. This stage is expected to have the most significant impact on traffic, as the running segment will be conducted along the designated bike lane.

Therefore, parking restrictions will be enforced starting from 00:00 on Sunday the 17th, affecting the seaside lanes of Francisco La Roche Avenue; Anaga Avenue on the same side, and continuing up to the intersection with Valleseco, including the inner parking areas. It has been arranged for the internal route of the Port Authority to be accessible during the triathlon, as done previously, with entry via the Tenerife Auditorium area for those heading towards Anaga.

The sports event is set to kick off at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, requiring the establishment of two-way traffic on the lanes farthest from the seafront of Francisco La Roche Avenue; at the junction with Ramblas de Santa Cruz; and the entrance to San Andrés. The northern access points to the San Andrés highway will remain closed during the event from the Fishing Dock. A police presence and temporary signage will be in place at key locations to facilitate traffic flow and ensure the safety of the athletes.

All these arrangements have been communicated to the transport firm TITSA to assist in managing necessary diversions and interim stops in the communities and locales of Anaga that may be impacted.

Civil Protection technical staff and the Civil Protection Volunteer Group will collaborate in the operational setup alongside support personnel from the sporting event.

Tenerife Weekly News