The municipality organizes this Sunday the VII Guided Route of Los Volcanes

The Santiago del Teide City Council, as part of the commemoration events of the 114th anniversary of the eruption of the Chinyero volcano in 1909, will carry out the VII Guided Route of the Volcanoes this Sunday, November 19.

This is an activity that has limited places and a symbolic price of €5. The meeting point is the Plaza de Santiago del Teide (next to the Town Hall) at 09:00 am. Subsequently, there will be transportation to the TF-38 highway in Boca Tauce, specifically, next to the Boca Cangrejo Mountain where the trail begins that after 4.5 hours of travel and a medium difficulty will end in Santiago del Teide, enjoying the Special Natural Reserve del Chinyero and a magnificent panoramic view of El Teide and Pico Viejo.

The eruption that occurred in 1909, geology and water will be the protagonists on this route, highlighting the agricultural and livestock use of the territory. The path will pass between pine trees, small nateros and crossing the recent lava flows of El Chinyero with different varieties of volcanic products that were skillfully used by rural man in the past with the planting of plants with minimal soil requirements, such as fruit trees, fig trees, prickly pear trees and pencas, and other plants such as verodes and cerrajas as well as some Canarian pines that spontaneously colonize the lavas.

People interested in participating must register through the following link:

Tras las coladas del Chinyero

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