The Phe Festival reduces its hours and shows its solidarity with those affected by the fire

He Phe Festivalwhich has been taking place in recent days in Puerto de la Cruz, He will reduce his hours today, being the last performance at 00.20 after starting at 18.00. The organizers also wanted express their solidarity “with all the people affected by the fire” also asking for understanding for the event.

“The organization of Phe Festival and almost 200 people who make it possible (artists, editors, lighting designers, drivers, ticket personnel, cameras, artisans, designers, teachers, waitresses…) want to express their solidarity with the island in the face of the fire that has been affecting numerous municipalities since the early morning from Tuesday to Wednesday. We are dismayed by this tragedy, in the same way as the rest of the citizens of the island and of the entire Canary Islands,” the organization stated in a statement.

In addition, they indicate that they have been in contact with the administrations: “During these days, from the company that organizes Phe Festival, has remained in contact with the public entities that are leading the device deployed to fight the fire and adapt to the circumstances. He Puerto de la Cruz City Council authorized us to celebrate Phe Festival previously and currently there is no legal protection to disallow it, since it meets the necessary requirements, including a self-protection plan, as well as the personnel of the security and emergency device of the event”.

For this reason, they admit that a unilateral cancellation could mean “irreparable damage” for the festival: “The decision to cancel unilaterally by the producer, since there are no objective causes that can legally support this suspension, would mean irreversible damage to the continuity of the project, missing out on one of the most important music festivals on the cultural scene in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, which has held seven editions in this city”.

In addition, they show their position in relation to a possible suspension: “We understand that the suspension of Phe Festival does not bring positive consequences for the extinction of the fire that is ravaging Tenerife, only more damage and harm.”

Lastly, they are grateful for the “messages of encouragement that we are receiving at this very difficult time”, sharing “as far as possible that support with everyone who is being most affected by this situation”.

Tenerife Weekly News