They break into and try to steal at least nine cars in the south of Tenerife

One or more criminals they broke glass and they tried to steal at least, almost a dozen vehicles that were found stationed in the south of Tenerife during the early hours of this Thursday, December 4.

The events occurred, specifically, in several enclaves of the municipality of Adeje ytboth the Local Police and the Civil Guard they made efforts to try to catch the perpetrators.

One of the places where thieves broke into cars was on Tinerfe El Grande streetright in the front area of ​​the Treasury and Collection buildingproperty of the City Council.

One of the cars with the windows shattered in Adeje. PF

At that point in the urban area of ​​Adeje, those involved broke into and accessed six passenger cars in total, including a gray Volkswagen Golf, a blue Volkswagen Polo, a blue Ford Puma or a gray Citroën C3 Cactus.

After the warning of some witnesses to members of the Adeje Local Policethey went to speak with those in charge of the Department of Finance and Collection of the consistory, with the aim of trying to have the images of the cameras that are in the upper part of the mentioned property and, in this way, try to identify the author. or authors.

Destruction of a car in Adeje. PF

However, according to some people consulted, these cameras do not focus on the street.

Another of the enclaves in which there were robberies of vehicles with similar characteristics was in the parking lots located next to the Plaza de Venezuela, at the back of the bus stop in the town. On this occasion, those involved targeted a long-chassis Toyota RAV 4, as well as a Mercedes Vanio van.

Shortly before noon this Thursday, two Civil Guard patrols went to said enclave and carried out a first visual inspection, after the owners of both vehicles filed their complaints.

And, as far as is known, another of the spaces where a similar crime against property also occurred was in the Los Olivos residential area, in the upper part of the Fyffes Hall area.

On this occasion, the vehicle owned by a family of Lithuanian origin that was scheduled to begin a trip yesterday broke down.

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