This is the fashion destination in the Canary Islands that has almost everything sold for this summer

According to a study of Rentaliathe idealista holiday platform, It has been observed that 85% of tourist homes in Lanzarote, located less than 15 kilometers from a beach, are already reserved for the month of August. This represents an increase compared to 76% of reservations registered on the same dates of the previous year, August 2022.

As for other destinations, Castellón has experienced the largest increase in housing reservations near the beach in one year, going from 63% occupancy last year to 72% this year. They are followed by increases in the coast ofe Lanzarote (from 76% to 85%), the coast of Cantabria (from 68% to 72%), the coast of Almería (from 74% to 77%), the coast of Pontevedra (from 72% to 74%) and the coast of A Coruña (from 69% to 71%). On the other hand, the coast of Mallorca remains stable at an occupancy level of 97%, the same as Asturias (74%).

Papagayo beach, in Lanzarote. LP/DLP

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The study also reveals that the rest of the coasts analyzed present a lower level of reserves compared to the previous year. The greatest decrease in the occupancy level has been observed on the Tarragona coast, which went from 86% to 67%. They are followed by the coast of Girona (from 86% to 73%), the coast of Alicante (from 87% to 76%), the coast of Malaga (from 88% to 80%), the coast of Huelva (from 50% to 43%), the coast of Cádiz (from 80% to 74%) and the coast of Tenerife (from 67% to 63%).

Regarding the smallest falls in reserves, they have been registered on the coast of Menorca (from 88% to 84%), followed by the coast of the Region of Murcia (from 73% to 71%), the coast of Barcelona ( from 75% to 72%) and the coast of Valencia (from 77% to 75%).

According to Almudena Ucha, director of Rentalia, booking forecasts have been affected by when travelers made their vacation decisions last year and now. The summer of 2022 was the first without restrictions after two years of pandemic, which resulted in a majority of reservations made in the first five months of the year. In addition, factors such as unstable weather and General elections to be held at the end of July have delayed decision-making on the holiday destination. The occupancy level of tourist homes on the coast is expected to increase in the coming weeks due to last-minute reservations by travelers who have decided to wait.

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