Three of the roads in the worst condition in Arona will be rehabilitated

He Tenerife Council today announced an investment of Two millions of euros to rehabilitate and reform three of the main roads that are in the worst condition in Aronawhose repair was an important claim for the neighbors due to the deterioration they present several years.

All of them are of island ownership and sources from the Island Corporation confirmed yesterday that the works have been awarded, so it is foreseeable that the work will begin in the course of the coming weeks.

Specifically, these are roads located in the lower area of ​​Arona around the border with San Miguel de Abona. The routes are TF-652, TF-653 and TF-662.

The first runs between Guargacho and Las Galletas and is a highway with a high traffic density. In that case, the works will consist of the partial elimination and replacement of the pavement, as well as the improvement of road safety, with the widening of the shoulder around kilometer point 5+350, in La Estrella.

In the second case, it is a road that goes from Guargacho towards Palm-Mar and is perpendicular to the previous one. Here too, in addition to the improvement of the pavement, the expansion of the shoulders and the installation of safety barriers is planned to prevent the risk of accidents resulting from leaving the road due to the unevenness.

Both will cost 800,000 euros and will take four months to complete.

It must be taken into account that the intersection of the TF-652 and TF-653 roads is a black spot, where numerous traffic accidents have occurred. Hence the importance of the works.

As for the TF-662, it runs parallel to the TF-1 highway and starts from Guaza.

The action is divided into two interventions: between Guaza and the gas station and from the gas station. All of this will have a budget of 1.3 million euros and another four months.

The road has deteriorated areas along its route and, in rainy seasons, the ravines that cross the infrastructure and pour large amounts of water and solids onto the surface of the road.

The Minister of Highways, Dámaso Arteaga, explained that the actions “respond to the need to carry out a general improvement in the road safety conditions necessary for island roads. These are main axes of communication between the populations of the coastal strip of the municipality of Arona that are very busy,” according to a statement from the Cabildo.

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