Extras needed for the next Bourne film being shot in Tenerife in September


Another major Hollywood film will be shooting in Tenerife in September. The highly-anticipated fifth edition of the Jason Bourne franchise will be filming in Santa Cruz … and some of the biggest names will be flying in.
It’s believed that most of the Tenerife filming will be on the streets of Santa Cruz. Mayor Jose Manuel Bermudez revealed this week that he chaired a meeting with representatives of his cabinet, councillors, police chiefs and Universal Pictures, the US company behind the project.


Sur Film is looking for 600 extras for the next Jason Bourne film, starring Matt Damon and, it is rumoured, Viggo Mortensen, which will be filming in Tenerife this September when Santa Cruz will be transformed into Athens. The casting will take place in the Santa Cruz auditorium on Tuesday and Wednesday, 28 and 29 July between 10am and 6pm. Those who want to attend must first register online HERE before 6pm on the 26th to be allocated to a group given an hour’s time slot.

Sur Film is particularly looking for drivers with an A or A2 licence, Greeks living in the Canaries, experienced computer specialists, boxers and combat sportsmen/women – anyone who falls into these categories should send an email to info@castingcanarias.com as soon as possible, and include their details and a photograph. Those selected will be grouped separately in the casting.

Sur Film says that the social security number box on the online form can be left blank if not presently known, but only those with social security numbers will be employed because it is essential in order to be given a contract for the work. The same applies to those emailing their details for consideration in the special categories. In addition, all attendees must bring their DNI or NIE with them to the casting.